Terms of business

When you entrust us with your clock we will give you an estimate of cost. If you accept that estimate we will start working on the clock as soon as we can. We will keep you informed of progress. If our work is going to exceed the initial cost estimate, we will seek your approval first before we continue the work.

The cost of a call-out to deal with a clock problem is £40 per hour with a minimum of £40 if the service takes less than an hour. Travelling to and from a client is also counted as working time, so charged at £40 per hour.

During the work on your clock we may take pictures and sound recordings of it to help us put the clock together again and for the final report we will deliver to you when your clock is ready. Please note that any such pictures and recordings are, and will remain, the property of TerKuileClocks. If you would like a free copy of these pictures and recordings we will email them to you.

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